7 Steps On How To Get Unsuspended From Amazon

Whenever I witness an Amazon suspension, a chill runs down my spine. This is because I am acutely aware of the serious implications it carries for me as a retailer. It places my job security, livelihood, and reputation in jeopardy.

How to Handle the Suspension

The following steps are crucial to take if your Amazon account has been suspended:

1. Analyze Your Situation

I would meticulously examine my suspension notice to ensure a thorough understanding of the finer details. My intention would be to delve into Amazon’s Policies and Agreements section to gain a more comprehensive grasp of the regulations associated with my violation. I would also initiate a support ticket to seek further clarification if I still have access to their Support.

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2. Determine Rule Violation

The initial step involves identifying the rule I have violated. Subsequently, I would be curious to discern exactly how the violation transpired. The most effective approach would be to assess the performance and metrics in Seller Central. This involves evaluating each of my processes to uncover any issues experienced by consumers. Following this, I would inspect items within my inventory to identify which one contravened Amazon’s terms.

3. Familiarize Yourself with Amazon’s Selling Rules

This phase is arguably the most critical in the suspension process, based on my experience. It is during this stage that I gain a comprehensive understanding of the rule I breached and the precise circumstances surrounding it. Armed with this knowledge, I am better equipped to outline how I intend to prevent a recurrence of this error in the future.

4. Develop a Thoughtful Action Plan

Creating a well-considered action plan is paramount. Convincing Amazon is no easy feat; merely expressing remorse and a commitment to not repeating the mistake is insufficient. To demonstrate my acknowledgment of the error and my commitment to avoiding future mishaps, I would take the following steps:

5. Maintain Professionalism

I would diligently steer clear of any tone that is confrontational or sarcastic in my action plan. My request must exude professionalism, as real individuals at Amazon will assess it. Addressing all the concerns raised by Amazon comprehensively in my initial appeal and action plan is pivotal, as this significantly increases my chances of success. While I am entitled to submit multiple appeals, the first one holds the greatest potential for success, and I would ensure it is meticulously crafted.

6. Prepare for Reinstatement

I would thoroughly prepare my entire team for the moment Amazon reinstates our account. This proactive approach will help avert any errors when that time arrives. As I submit my appeal, I would temporarily deactivate my listings and only reactivate them once my stock levels are accurately reflected.

7. Brace for Adverse Outcomes

I would also mentally brace myself for a negative response from Amazon. Unfortunately, even after implementing the best practices outlined above, a negative outcome might still occur. This could happen if I create another Amazon account after the original one is suspended or if I continue trading in restricted products. In the event my first appeal is rejected, I can submit subsequent appeals, but the likelihood of success diminishes.



2 thoughts on “7 Steps On How To Get Unsuspended From Amazon

  1. Here is what happened last week when I signed up for a new Amazon seller account:

    1- After few days, they sent me (Congratulations! Now that you’re registered as a Professional Seller, list your first item to get started)
    2- And then they sent me (Thank you for choosing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)!
    3- Then they sent me (Amazon seller account protection: Per your request, the credit card information associated with your seller account on Amazon has been updated. Future account charges will be made to this credit card. If you did not request this change, please contact Seller Support.)
    But I didn’t request above…

    4- Then they deducted 43$ from my credit card for the professional account.
    5- Then they sent me (We are reviewing your Amazon.com seller account. During our review, you will not be able to sell on Amazon.com. Please provide the following documents and confirm there is a valid credit card on file:
    –Utility bill with name and address visible
    –Business license, if applicable
    –If you have active listings, include copies of invoices, receipts, contracts or delivery orders from your supplier issued in the last 90 days.

    6- Then suddenly they sent me: We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we have decided that you may not sell on Amazon.com.)
    7- Then I sent them to ask about the reason, they replied :
    We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we have decided that you may not sell on Amazon.com.
    We may not respond to further emails about this issue.

    I am very disappointed how Amazon suspended my account out of the blue and let me down like this.

  2. Since I got my Amazon account suspended, I opened a separate Amazon seller account. And last night, I am trying to setup my outsourcing company with my new Amazon account, and I initially inputted my current residential address as oppose to my new address (because I thought this is only for my outsourcing company’s contact information), not on Amazon’s seller account, so they wouldn’t know. The message I get is ” Application is not authorized at Amazon.”

    I realize I made a mistake shortly after and now I am UNABLE to connect my outsourcing company to connect with my new Amazon seller account. I did change my personal contact information so everything is new– but I keep getting that message. Any advice on how I can troubleshoot this?

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