Amazon Account Suspended For Selling Inauthentic Item – What To Do Next?

Your Amazon account can be suspended or even terminated for several reasons. Some of the most common ones include breaking Amazon policies or even having multiple accounts.


One can see the fairness of losing an account due to either of these reasons. But one of the most contentious reasons for which you can lose your account is if you are accused of selling counterfeit goods.

On the outside, it might seem quite fair, especially to buyers, but the criterion used to get your account suspended is the bone of contention. Just a claim from manufacturers or buyers is reason enough for the account to be suspended, and you only get the chance to defend yourself after the damage has been done. In case you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, there are some things you can do to redeem yourself. However, it is more important for you to try and avoid getting yourself into this situation by all means.

1. Check Your Account and Product Descriptions
If you own an Amazon account, then you are certainly familiar with the scrutiny under which account owners are constantly placed. Everything you write can be misconstrued by your competitors and other watchdogs to mean something completely different. If you have had your account suspended recently, go over everything you have been writing there, and find out what could have possibly evoked the claims. Did you perhaps label a product as “Not fake”, or “Not a Sample”? keywords like those can act as triggers of counterfeit goods, regardless of how harmless you intended them to be.

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2. Content Guidelines
Additionally, check keenly to ascertain whether or not you have broken any laid down rules of marketing on Amazon. If indeed you have sold counterfeit goods, then you probably know that things will be rough for a while. Amazon has a strict policy of selling only authentic goods, and it is up to you to prove that you did nothing to the contrary. It is, therefore, important for you to always take great care to follow the Amazon rules to the latter since failure to do so can lead to rather unpleasant consequences. Your account may be terminated or suspended, and your funds could be withheld. This is a rather unpleasant blow to suffer.


3. Competitors Try To Get Your Account Banned
Sometimes, you can be the casualty of a client’s hidden motives without your knowledge. Some clients could file a complaint with Amazon just because the package of the product you sent them lacked some booklet or other, which to them means they got a counterfeit product. Others might have way too high expectations of the original product that if the product you sell them falls short of their expectations, they label it a fake. Be on the lookout for such clients, because you can owe your precious account to the overambitious client.

4. Check with Suppliers
Additionally, you need to check with the people from whom you get your products from to establish that they sell you original products. Insist on getting documents labeled invoices from manufacturers, not just mere acknowledgments of orders. That way, you will be assured that the goods you sell are authentic, and you will have a basis to argue your case with Amazon.

You need to guard and protect your Amazon Account really good and make sure your account does not get suspended because it is of priceless value. To do so requires that you be careful with how you describe your goods. Additionally, ensure that you sell nothing else but authentic goods, because, at the end of the day, no one can have a founded claim against you if your goods are authentic.

Additionally, ensure that you sell nothing else but authentic goods, because, at the end of the day, no one can have a founded claim against you if your goods are authentic.

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