Amazon Falsely Accused Me Of Selling Inauthentic Items

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After falsely accusing me of selling inauthentic products, Amazon suspended my account.

I have been selling for a very long time on Amazon. But recently they falsely accused me of selling fake goods and banned my account.

The email Amazon sent me stated that they are concerned with the level of customer satisfaction particularly the sale of inauthentic goods.

I never sold any inauthentic items. I understand that Amazon cannot allow the sales of any fake products. However, in my case, they just falsely accused of doing something I never did.

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Below I have outlined the top three reasons that will get your get your Amazon selling privileges removed:

1. Selling low quality or inauthentic products.

The reason Amazon became the world’s largest e-commerce retailer is that they always ensured the integrity if their marketplace. Only the suspicion of selling fake goods can be enough to get your account suspended. Always ensure you have invoices with your name and address (matching the details in your Amazon account) ready.

2. Late shipment

Having to many delayed or wrong deliveries can get your banned from selling on Amazon faster than you can imagine.

If your selling performance gets too low, you will be given a warning first. But sellers who underperform over a period of 2-3 weeks will have their account suspended indefinitely.

3. Poor Customer Service

I understand that some buyers on might be careless or scamming sellers and falsely accuse them of sending out damaged products even if in reality those items are in good order.

Having occasionally buyers who are complaining is normal; you will be never able to make every customer happy. There is a very small number of customers who will always find something to complain about.

However, if your performance as a seller drops too low Amazon eventually will restrict your account and remove your selling privileges.

What is the due process to have your account reinstated?

Some Amazon sellers try to appeal their account suspension by themselves. However, many sellers are not aware of what Amazon exactly expects in their appeal, which keywords and how the plan of actions should be laid out.

In order to have the highest chance of getting your Amazon seller account reinstated, investing in a professional appeal service such as is always worth the money as having your appeal declined could get your Amazon account banned Indefinitely.

Background: is the biggest online shopping retailer globally. It is an e-commerce and cloud computing company. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon on 5th July 1994. The headquarters are based in Seattle (Washington).

What is MWS?

I used to the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API (MWS). This is a service that allows small and medium businesses to streamline their ordering and shipping process.

This API gives third-party selling solutions full access to data like orders and payments. Even with my excellent track record of selling on Amazon, I still got an email without any warning that Amazon has suspended my seller account.

One thought on “Amazon Falsely Accused Me Of Selling Inauthentic Items

  1. Here is what you should do, when a buyer’s account on Amazon gets suspended due to too many returns, there is an appeal process that the owner of the suspended account can follow on

    On the other hand, if the appeal has been denied, there are a few manuals available online that can assist you in restoring the account, such as the Beat Amazon Suspension guide. Those companies will probably charge for these services of assisting to get their account back but usually it’s worth it.

    It is also worth noting that if an Amazon buyer account gets suspended it is usually for a higher than usual return rate. Basically the customer has become unprofitable.

    In most Amazon buyer account suspension cases, there is still a valid change of having the account reinstated. One must, of course, have a good plan of action to convince Amazon of the buyer’s intention to change the behavior of to returns.

    If the Amazon buyer account suspended, the buyer still has a chance to appeal and reinstate the account.

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