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Amazon Appeal Template & Plan of Action

Having your Amazon business put on hold can be a very stressful time. I have been there, and it was one of the hardest times of my life. Below you can download the appeals letter and plan of action I used to successfully appeal my suspension.

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7 Steps On How To Get Unsuspended From Amazon

Whenever I witness an Amazon suspension, a chill runs down my spine. This is because I am acutely aware of the serious implications it carries for me as a retailer. It places my job security, livelihood, and reputation in jeopardy.

How to Handle the Suspension

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Amazon Falsely Accused Me Of Selling Inauthentic Items

Resources: Click here to download your (free) Amazon Appeal Letter & Plan of Action

After falsely accusing me of selling inauthentic products, Amazon suspended my account.

I have been selling for a very long time on Amazon. But recently they falsely accused me of selling fake goods and banned my account. Continue reading Amazon Falsely Accused Me Of Selling Inauthentic Items

Amazon Suspended – How To Get Back On Amazon?

First I would like to point out that I am really angry and so upset that Amazon suspended my account. I used to turnover more than 100K a month. I had more than 20 people working for me. 

You can not imagine how embarrassing it was when I had to tell my staff, guys my Amazon account got suspended, it is all over.

First, my employees did not believe me; they asked why Amazon had closed our account. I just had to tell them; I had no clue what happened.

I tried to explain them I will try to get back on Amazon and resolve the selling ban; however, as long as our business is down, I have to let you go.

Most of my staff were Mexican (All my staff have work permits in the US). I paid a fair salary, they were even able to save some money and send it back to their relatives in Mexico. It was hard breaking to tell them that I could not continue to employ them.

I contacted Amazon to find out why they removed my selling privileges, without any success. I also tried to appeal the decision to suspend my Amazon account unsuccessfully. After doing a lot of research online, I realized once you’re banned from Amazon it’s not always easy to get your account reinstated.

I came across different guides on how to get back on Amazon; I have to say the manual written by Peter Bergmann ‘Beat Amazon Suspension was really well structured and easy to comprehend, the step by step instructions made it really easy.

Bergmann also provided me with personal email support; I am not that good with computers (I am better running a business). It took me less than a week to overcome that Amazon ban and open a new account.

If you got suspended from Amazon, you should check out that ‘Beat Amazon Suspension’ guide. I kept a copy on my computer and even created TWO backup accounts. Better be safe than sorry.