Amazon Suspended – How To Get Back On Amazon?

First I would like to point out that I am really angry and so upset that Amazon suspended my account. I used to turnover more than 100K a month. I had more than 20 people working for me. 

You can not imagine how embarrassing it was when I had to tell my staff, guys my Amazon account got suspended, it is all over.

First, my employees did not believe me; they asked why Amazon had closed our account. I just had to tell them; I had no clue what happened.

I tried to explain them I will try to get back on Amazon and resolve the selling ban; however, as long as our business is down, I have to let you go.

Most of my staff were Mexican (All my staff have work permits in the US). I paid a fair salary, they were even able to save some money and send it back to their relatives in Mexico. It was hard breaking to tell them that I could not continue to employ them.

I contacted Amazon to find out why they removed my selling privileges, without any success. I also tried to appeal the decision to suspend my Amazon account unsuccessfully. After doing a lot of research online, I realized once you’re banned from Amazon it’s not always easy to get your account reinstated.

I came across different guides on how to get back on Amazon; I have to say the manual written by Peter Bergmann ‘Beat Amazon Suspension was really well structured and easy to comprehend, the step by step instructions made it really easy.

Bergmann also provided me with personal email support; I am not that good with computers (I am better running a business). It took me less than a week to overcome that Amazon ban and open a new account.

If you got suspended from Amazon, you should check out that ‘Beat Amazon Suspension’ guide. I kept a copy on my computer and even created TWO backup accounts. Better be safe than sorry.

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  1. Here is my Amazon seller experience:

    I am selling on Amazon with a really limited budget. That’s why I always check my account health. There weren’t any problems until 3 weeks ago.

    I was really sick and could not get out of bed, so I did not check my Amazon account for more than a week. When I open my seller account I saw that there were more than 45 orders. First I was really excited. However, then I realized that I had issues fulfilling those orders.

    As I could not fulfill the orders I decided to cancel most of them and refund the buyers.

    I refunded all canceled order. Refunds some time can take more than one week too. Some customer left me negative feedback when they were waiting for the refund. Some of my customers even opened A to Z Guarantee Claims.

    So, I got three bad feedbacks and one A to Z Guarantee claim case during that period, also my DOR increased to 4,65%.

    Here is my email exchange I had with Amazon after they suspended my account:

    Dear Dan,

    This is Jon with the Amazon Account Health Support Team.

    Thank you for speaking with us about your selling account.

    As we discussed, more than 1% of your recent seller-fulfilled orders have resulted in negative feedback, A-to-z claims. Your seller-fulfilled offers will be deactivated in 24 hours if you do not take the necessary steps to address these defects.

    Why is this happening?
    Your order defect rate exceeded the target of 1%. Amazon’s Order Defect Rate Policy can be found at (

    What’s next?
    Please review your orders to determine the cause of the defects. You can appeal any A-to-z claim, negative customer feedback, or service chargeback that you believe should not be counted in your order defect rate by visiting the following links:
    — Appeal A-to-z Claims: (
    — Request removal of seller feedback: (
    — Appeal Chargeback Claims: (

    Additionally, please send a plan of action within 24 hours that explains:
    — The root cause(s) of the A-to-z claims, negative feedback and service chargebacks
    — The actions you have taken to resolve A-to-z claims, negative feedback and service chargebacks
    — The steps you have taken to prevent A-to-z claims, negative feedback and service chargebacks going forward

    How do I send the required information?
    Please submit your plan by responding to this email from your case log in seller Central at this link (

    What happens if I do not send the requested information?
    If we do not receive the requested information within 24 hours, your seller-fulfilled offers will be deactivated. Funds may not be transferred to you but will stay in your account while we work with you to address this issue. This process usually takes about 60 days but could take longer.

    We’re here to help
    If you have questions about this policy or information requested above, please contact us at ( The Account Health Support team is available to discuss your account performance 7 days a week, from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Additionally, please find assistance in creating a plan of action at (

    You can view your account performance at ( or select Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon seller app on your iOS or Android device. Your Account Health shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.

    Thank you for selling with Amazon,

    Jon. ***
    Account Health Support Team
    Visit our Seller Forums for help from other sellers:
    Browse all Seller Help topics:

    To contact us again about this issue, please use the Contact Us form in Seller Central using the following link:


    After this mail. I sent them a POA

    Dear Jon.

    Thank you so much for your calling me about case ***.
    I suggested that we need more training. We have started to train our staff to ensure this will not happen again in the future.

    So, you can be sure that this ODR will be less than optimum ODR very soon.
    Thank you so much for your kind co-operation and remain wşth our best wishes

    P.S. If you wish, I can send you (or you can see in my message box) many emails between my clients and me to implement our mission.

    After I sent this POA I received a second mail from *** from Account Health Team
    So far It has been 4 weeks and they still did not get back to me.

  2. I am an ICT technician with skills in software, hardware, and networking. Additionally, I also used to sell DIY kits or RC airplanes and similar toys on Amazon until they suspended my account.

    As a new user, I read and understood Amazon’s terms and conditions and accepted the same. I set up my account making sure to follow Amazon’s terms and conditions to the letter. I listed my products and sent the links of the same to my client. Within a short while, I was able to get my client to buy the products I had listed on Amazon. In fact, I was happy to notice they had written exemplary reviews for some of my products. My Amazon suspended issue started when my client made a mistake.
    The client wanted to buy one of my DIY fully constructed drones. We had a long chat on Skype and Hangouts to ascertain what they really needed. At the end of our discussions, the customer was happy with my presentations. After they purchased the specified drone things started going downhill.
    The client somehow “did not like” what they had ordered. Being a gentleman, I decided to ask them to send back the drone so that I could reimburse them or make the necessary changes at no extra cost. They told me they would do so only to find out they made a complaint to Amazon. I knew about this when I logged into my account and found it was Amazon suspended.
    I reached out to Amazon support in vain. I even sent the details of our conversations highlighting the agreement we had with the client. Unfortunately, Amazon has not removed the Amazon suspended account status from my account. To date am still waiting and wondering whether Amazon has a problem with their support or are they just trying to freeze out new sellers.

  3. A pop-up notification that your Amazon account had been suspended may be a shocking news to you Amazon might be your only source of income and when this happened, it feels unfair. Rather than complaining to your relatives or friends, make sure you calm down and try these tricks. The first step, you must do a thorough investigation. Read through the reason why Amazon suspended your account carefully. This might be a helpful key when submitting your appeal to Amazon. Besides, checking back seller performance might be a good start for you Make sure that your customers did not file a complaint to Amazon because of your poor service.

    After you had understood what is this issue all about, you could start on your appeal. Before you move to the introductory paragraph, you should list several convincing information for Amazon to lift your account suspension. Next up, tell them what business do you run and what is your problem. Write down that you had read through the reason on this suspension. It would be better If you could provide them with your own reasons why this issue could happen.

    For instance, a customer files a complaint on you violating order shipment agreement. You could tell them a logical reason behind this issue, provide them with data would be the best way to convince them. As your closing statement, summarize your actions in the future to handle the issue as well as the formal request to lift your suspension. Read over your appeal several times before you send it to Amazon after you make sure that it is convincing enough then you can send it Usually, Amazon will send a response in 2 days after you send your appeal. Watch this video with step by step instructions what to do after Amazon Suspended your seller account.

  4. Here is how I Successfully Appealed Amazon Seller Suspension:
    At some point, you may fall foul of Amazon policies, and the next thing you know is that your account has been suspended. Do not fret or panic. I will take you through how you can successfully appeal the Amazons’ decision step by step. There is a pretty simple way of appealing an Amazon suspension. After receiving the account suspension, click on the reactivate your account button and complete the questionnaire. Depending on the cause of suspension you may have your account in fifteen minutes. Otherwise, you will have to communicate with the performance department by writing an appeal. How to go about itStart by resolving support tickets if you have any. Then proceed to find the cause of the suspension because eventually, Amazon will want to know that you will take the necessary steps to prevent a similar occurrence. The next step involves putting together an action plan that addresses the issue in question. It should explain who was involved, causes and why it happened to acknowledge the problem. Accept responsibility for the problem and outline the steps you will take to prevent a repetition of the same mistake. Then wait patiently for a reply from Amazon via email. It might take up to 48 hours. Ultimately make due changes to prevent a similar mistake. Also check out this video on how to appeal your Amazon Suspended account:

  5. In recent times it seems It’s quite a common occurrence for a seller to wake up one day only to find their Amazon account suspended.

    Sadly I am no exception to this I came across a forum on the internet and I was shocked by the number of people complaining about this unfortunate matter. Though we all sign up and agree to the terms and conditions provided by Amazon, it doesn’t help at all that they did not bother to give me any reason or evidence that I broke any part of the agreed terms.

    Then again I realized that it was up to me as a user to find a way out since Amazon is under no obligation to let me use their platform. To solve this problem, I sent all relevant information regarding my case to Amazon in the hope that my appeal will go through and finally get my account reinstated.

  6. I was really in shock after reading that awful email that Amazon had banned me from listing items or services. Their worst thing was that there was no explanation for the suspension. It was early Saturday morning, and I was ready to list some items was looking for to sell.

    At this point, I did what any rational business owner would when their business seems to gets to a screeching halt.
    I tried to safe my business. I tried this Beat Amazon Suspension guide. Thank god I am back selling already 1 week.

  7. Here is what I tried to get back on Amazon. I got a new tel with a new sim card is no problem. But I gave the address in Sarasota, Fl. I did not mention my address here. (Amazon must have my residence address and my PO Box in their records. I don’t have any other address to trust. About the new tel Im not going to receive a statement, because I took it without a contract. I would need a contact phone to be able to take it receiving a statement, I would need to take out a contract of 2 years, (but stills the same problem, “the address”. (And once I have only the address from Fl., I don’t think that I can mention living here…) Please give me an idea. I believe Like Jeff B. says, “for every problem, there’s a Solution”.But…I need to find the solution for something that seems simple, but I’m stuck on it.

  8. I got hit by an Amazon account suspension as well. However, my case is unique to some extent because I am still completely in the dark on what really happened. If I can not appeal my ban, I will have to open a new account.

  9. It’s unfortunate that Amazon does not protect small businesses as much as it protects buyers; even when they are wrong. All it took was the buyer to report that the product I had dispatched was damaged.
    My Amazon account was suspended within 24 hours.

  10. Selling on Amazon was the worst experience ever! Before turning into a seller, I was a loyal buyer from Amazon. Deciding to sell on Amazon is the last thing you would want to do. I lost a lot of money and books because of the stupid policies of Amazon. They company banned my account simply because I could not follow some of the instructions while logging into my account. The policies are not at all seller friendly and they offer no sales support, to be honest. Of course, there’s a team, but I never got a response from them even after sending multiple e-mails to them. I am contacting my attorney on this and would advise everyone to stay miles away from Amazon. Shame on you!

  11. I hate to say it this way, but the Seller Performance system of Amazon is nothing but a silly way to put sellers out of work. Well, for a company who make their profit by taking a percentage off the sales money, it may not be a great move. I mean, it is okay if you ban a seller on account of repeatedly poor customer service. But to ban a seller who has not even started selling with you sucks! And the process is not at all transparent! Who are the people who judge a seller who has no customer yet to give a review? As for my case, I was told that Amazon found evidence of my account being related to an already banned account. When I e-mailed to inquire about the evidence; there was no response! Well keep it up Amazon and very soon you’ll have no sellers who are willing to sell with you!

  12. I had the wrong impression that Amazon (being one of the world’s biggest marketplace) would be a perfect selling platform for my business. How wrong I was! I signed up a few weeks ago and did everything by the book, sending out my products the same business day, well packaged and they were received in good time. I had some good feedback receiving 5-star reviews. Which is why I’m at a loss as to why my Amazon account has been suspended. I received no explanation. I can’t appeal as I don’t know what the problem is. I have checked that no other accounts are using the same IP address and I’m sure there wasn’t a problem with my listings. It’s not like I was selling random unwanted items, Mine is an established professional business. Help!

  13. My Amazon account got suspended this week and locked in my hard earned cash as well. I am still so angry by this selling ban and I am praying that they just reactivate my account so I can get my money back.

  14. My Amazon seller horror story is completely different and the probably even worse. In fact, my account was suspended and shortly banned even before I listed any goods. My wife had signed up for Amazon seller account in the previous year (that is the time before we got married and lived together), but it was suspended and banned due to unfair feedback. Apparently, I used my wife’s computer to sign up for a similar account. However, to my surprise, I was banned immediately, the reason being: that computer I had used to open a new account had its IP address blacklisted at Amazon database! Really, it does not make sense banning someone only because another person who had used the same computer had been banned.

  15. Amazon is very very slow in replying email requests. I am not satisfied how they deal with banned sellers. Whenever you try to reach them, the answer will be the same. They can easily kick you off and suspend your seller account. Even if you send them an appealing your suspension, they will not take it seriously and just reply with some canned response.

  16. You better shy away for eBay and Amazon and have your products on sale there. My advice is to stay away from these greedy corporations who take advantage of your money. I discourage anyone from selling products on these platforms.

  17. A few months ago, my Amazon sellers account was suspended. This was a shock to me, since I had no shortage of happy buyers, and no one had ever complained. When this trouble first surfaced, my account was labeled “under review,” so I didn’t worry too much. Yet, just a month later, my account was blocked. They claimed that I was selling a product that violated their terms of service, without getting into any more detail. I examine every product I sell to make sure they meet the terms. Despite that, they blocked me and are holding a considerable sum of money. I can’t believe I ever trusted this company.

  18. I also experienced the same thing just like the other sellers who are here complaining here. I expect Amazon to stick to work ethics and be professional about how they deal with matters. Amazon does not have any right to just suspend accounts without stating their reasons for doing so.

  19. Yesterday I tried to log in to my Amazon (seller) account but there was an error message that there is something wrong with my account and that I should contact customer support. After I spoke with support I was told I got banned from selling on Amazon.

    I decided to open another account. The problem is that the closed this account as well now. I don’t know what to do.

  20. You know why I hate Amazon, for apparently no reason, you can get your account suspended, and worse still without any prior communication or warning. That is why I think that the seller performance team at Amazon is just a bunch of lousy arrogant dummies.

  21. I am incredibly mad since I have learned that my seller account can be suspended without ANY warning. The money you have with Amazon will not be paid out for months. What a waste of time!

  22. I have Recently I realized that my Amazon account had been suspended. I decided to create a brand new Amazon account from stretch. I had no choice but to create the new account, but it got banned within 2 hours after opening. I do hate Amazon (!!!)

  23. Amazon can permanently suspend your account whenever they like. Always make sure you follow all of their policies. That said, it is not hard to get your Amazon account back again. However, Amazon make it very tricky for those who like to sell through them.

  24. They did the exact thing to my account. It is clear that the team closes accounts without giving you their clients any reason for their action.

  25. When I was selling and buying on Amazon, I had really many great reviews. I was left incredibly embarrassed when they decided to close my Amazon account down. There were well over five thousand reviews on my account. I am very honest and I always followed all of their policies. My account for buying items was banned as well. Not only that, I lost literally everything.

  26. I have been a loyal seller on Amazon from the beginning. After successfully selling more than 34000 goods, Amazon’s eveil management decided to suspended my account. Amazon is acting treating it’s seller very unprofessionally and I am deeply disappointed with them. They are treating traders like s*&t! Their business terms are completely outrageous and unacceptable in my opinion.

  27. Hi, I got a message :

    We reviewed your account, and we have decided that you may no longer sell on Your listings have been removed from our site.

    Please ship any open orders. If you have funds in your account, they will be available after any amounts paid for A-to-z claims or chargebacks on your orders have been deducted. This usually takes about 90 days, but funds may be held longer.

    You can see your balance and settlement information in the Payments section of Seller Central. If you have questions about those, please write to

    If you want to appeal this decision, click the Appeal button next to this message on the Performance Notifications page in Seller Central (


    Seller Performance Team

    I want to appeal , This I did. It’s been a week but they do not respond.
    What should I do ?

    1. Appealing an Amazon suspension is very difficult, almost impossible. In many cases they don’t even reply. The chances of getting Amazon accounts reinstated are very low.

  28. Here’s one for you- years ago I let my now ex sell on Amazon. Long story short, he was terrible at it and sold items that were not in stock. My account is now banned. I explained this to Amazon, but to no avail. Is there any recourse?

  29. I also got banned weeks back from Amazon and been searching for a way to get it appealed or at least get back to selling.

    Amazon is very hard up on appeals and denied my request 3 days ago. So now I am stuck with a suspended seller.

    Do you think it would be better to buy an Amazon account from a seller like Auction Essistance or follow the guide and create my own?

  30. Hi Peter,

    I got banned a year ago for not having an item in Stock that I said I had. It was an unfortunate amateur mistake. I tried writing an appeal and they shut me down. I want to sell again on amazon and was thinking about purchasing your guide. Is is up to date for 2016?

  31. They banned me and in a period of two weeks, I had resumes selling products. This is what I did. Got a mobile phone and rooted it to ensure safety. I used a web browser without cookies. I created a new online bank account.

    I had to open a different bank account using another name. I ensured that am not making more than 1000 on a single account. The store can freeze your account within three months once they realize you are making a lot of money from the same. In addition, one has to refrain from posting anything negative on their forums for his or her own good. Any time you call them, it is wise to pretend that you are dumb and ask innocent questions. Once you are through learn to say thank you even if there is nothing you might have benefitted from them. Tell them that they are doing a wonderful job even if that is not the case.

  32. I have one questions, when selling fitbit products, Amazon constantly kept suspending saying they were “suspected counterfeit” when they were not counterfeit. How do I prevent this in future?

      1. this is not true . Amazon believes I sell fake Paul Mitchel Product and I WORK for Paul Mitchell. after extensive research on my buyers complaining inauthenticity I found them to be other sellers and when they are hammering your account during an investigation …………. YOUR DONE!…………. Carrie Zhong …. you won you effin B

  33. I have an account with amazon which was banned. This account was set up using my company name, and i did sent amazon my company detail, which includes the articles of association, i also sent amazon my passport details. If i change the address of the company to a different address do you think i can still use that company name to register a new account on amazon again?, knowing that amazon doesn’t ban names.

    1. Normally company names are unique, so Amazon would suspend the
      account again. However, you could try to use a ‘trading as’ name.

  34. We have been reinstated, The template helped us get back on really fast – in 5 days, compared to the weeks we read about online.

    We had a hard time figuring out why we were taken off – our rating was 100 and all of our metrics were green/good. We’ve been trying to research it further, and assume it was because of our return/fb/claim comments and notes. Our return reasons were: wrong item, not as described, incomplete item.

    I’ve heard from the seller forums that if you get suspended a second time, there’s no way to get reinstated. Is that true? If so, I’ve got 3 questions for you:

    1) will we get notice of violations prior to a second suspension? For example, prior to this suspension we received notices about individual listings that were in violation (not related to the reasons for our suspension, interestingly). Will we get this notice from them again or would our whole store get shut down instead of getting notified?

    2) While we were researching these, we came across information about an Amazon policy against putting your website information in the package. We’ve been including a coupon and our website in our packaging for the past 4 years, and it doesn’t seem like we’ve been caught by amazon yet. It wasn’t mentioned in the performance notification. Do you know if this is something that would get us shut down without notification?

    3) do we get a clean slate from our reinstatement? Or if Amazon finds something that was in violation prior to our first suspension, that was fixed after our reinstatement, would we get penalized for that action as well?

    1. Normally you would get some notices that some listings are in violations of the T&S’s before they shut down the account again.

      Thats correct, putting your website information into the package can get your account banned.

      Once your account has been reinstated you will be find, there is a very low chance they would ban the account again because they found something in the past.

  35. Amazon recently closed my account because I made too many returns. I freely admit that I returned a lot of items because I tended to buy a lot of cheap Chinese made items which tends to suck and have a higher defect rate. Case in point I purchased a $10 hard drive enclosure but it would not close with hard drive insert and I returned in exchange for $13 unit which worked perfectly. Because it worked I purchased a 2nd one… This past October, I was actually trying throw some support to Amazon for being so great with service by purchasing more presents online but I just got a string of defective items from crack cds due to poor packaging to USB chargers that wouldn’t charge, cracked toner cartridge. I even said to a friend they are gonna to ban me for this even though it is all defective. They also closed my seller account which I only occasionally used and I had 100% satisfaction with my sales. I’ve had my account since 2003 and only started returning more items in the last 2 years because of “easy” purchasing with Prime. I even contacted customer service before some of the returns and they said it was ok and I should return… Made me feel embarrassed and insulted at the same time…

    I tried reopening with another email account and recreated the seller account using a different credit card but that got suspended the next day before even listing anything. Reason they gave was that I had a seller account that was closed which was part of the blanket ban. I made a purchase with my brothers credit card on the new but I don’t know if that will get rejected or not of if he is flagged now too?

    Is it possible to get my account reopened or open another account? I even emailed them saying I would accept a “no returns” account but they said no. Why would you ban a sale with no possibility of a return…

    My goal would be to get another account open so that I can make regular purchases and get them shipped to my home and business and have a seller account where I maybe sell 1-3 items a month. Im not even wanting to take advantage of the returns, amazon is just becoming more and more of the goto place for random hard to find items. I don’t know how they are determining I am the same person, but if you believe you can help me establish a new account it would be worth the money.

    1. Amazon does unfairly ban not only sellers, they also ban buyers. Unfortunately in your case Amazon will not reinstate your account, “no return” accounts
      don’t exist, because by law consumers have the right to return an item if bought online if not satisfied. The best option for you is to open a new account.

    2. You’re EXACTLY the kind of customer Amazon has made certain they will not keep around.
      There’s an element of creepiness in the extreme measures you’re taking to scam your way around their decision.

      It’s pretty obvious they made the right call. It’s equally obvious you’ll be banned again…

  36. I guess you can call it an overnight success but really it’s, multiple years in the making not listening to what naysayers have to say or nay about? Being an entrepreneur is very awesome most of the time and you just need to appreciate what goes on in your head, I guess. It is what enables you to think positively and forwards or in the direction of success. Now, back to how I earned $5000 in 40 hours. Really, it took months trying to convince my mother to help me create the amazon seller account. It was really hard. I am 16 years old by the way. So, we made the account, I listed my first product, the self balancing scooter, they sold FAST we sold over $10000 worth in just 2 days! Then my account got investigated, then sure enough, suspended. The appeal process did not work out too well obviously for minor reasons.

    But I could have become a very young self-made millionaire at that rate. And I still can I am still 16 years old, I now have more connections. The only problem is that I am not selling on Amazon, only eBay. And it is very hard when your father is a hater turning off the wifi at 9pm and your mother doesn’t trust you with a debit card, ssn, etc!! Anyway, I would be so blessed to have more Amazon accounts, I work HARD! I am a real Entrepreneur that is already halfway there, I just need to get on Amazon.

  37. Excellent reading. I have an additional problem with Amazon. My top-selling dietary supplement was made part of the Amazon private registry. At some point very early this year, I submitted a letter from the manufacturer (secretly-me)…In other words, Amazon never knew that “Colloidal Mineral Specialists” actually manufactured the product. The letter to Amazon stated something to the effect that “Colloidal Mineral Specialists” had been granted total control of all online sales of this trademarked product.

    I have about 75 AWESOME reviews tied to the ASIN of the product. I have stayed in contact with dozens of customers who continue to purchase from me. I was thinking about getting about a dozen of my most loyal customers to purchase and review the same product under a new product name to speed things alone.

    I also have a friend who could sell the product for me, but I fear that because of the private registry, this could trigger a ban. If I could salvage the street credit of all the product reviews, it would be life changing.

    1. Hopefully they’ll swiftly identify your deceit and unacceptable business practices and remove you from their platform….

  38. I received a policy violation warning last night and I am very concerned. My account is currently active, I have no charge back, no A-Z complain. 98% positive rating (415 total rating). This is my first warning email.
    Do I need to do anything proactively? for e.g . I still have over 1000 identical copies of the items that should belong to about 100 SKUs. (My mistake was creating 1 SKU per copy).

  39. I have purchased Your book recently, very appreciate such valuabe info. Have questions, regarding my situation. Im crafting appeal letter for Amazon now.I have 3rd suspension – for policy violations from the past and high ODR last time. I have crafted the appeal letter but it was not complete as they replied to me first. They told me I have listed against detail page, misclassiied condition of the books and had irresponsive customer service. They asked me what can I do to prevent complaints and irresponsive customer service? I have added more points and they rejected completely. And told me they can correspond further.
    I have almost deleted my old plan, and have started all over, using tempate My Amazon support.. I have added more points to customer service, including using softaware, deleted all instructors editions – that did not exactly match the detail page ( the same content, but slighty different cover), created 3 point policy for company – how to correctly list items according to Amazon detail page and classify items according condition – never put items without shrink wrap and access codes into new category.
    I dont now what else to say in this fields…
    I found Your template very thougtfull and wisely crafted.
    1. Do I need to be exacty to the letter as it says there or I can take some ideas and say it my way – since I already have similiar statements in my current appeal?
    2. I have not sent anything to FBA as it says in Your template – so I will need to change it according to my situation, right? I WILL BE doing such and such by FBA – correct?
    3. Implementing automated sustem – it means software that send text to the phone immediately when customer sends it?
    4. Our main traffic comes from FB ads, however we also run GoogleAd – this is how to promote Your stuff from Amazon or from its different platforms?
    5. Our supplier sends to FBA inspection…Is it within FBA department or it means its coming to You first and U inspect before sending…
    6. I never had issues with tracking so I will need to skip that section, right? Can I say instead I will rely on FBA to better manage returns ( I had 2 claims because the carrier delayed/ lost returns and customers filed claims…)
    Dear Peter. based on Your experinece, Do I still have a chance after 3 suspension? having policy violations involved?

  40. Hi,

    I got suspended account on amazon. 1st time, I had appealed in successful to reinstate but 2nd time, they doubted I made the same mistake to sell inauthentic item. But one customer complaint about authentic. finally, amazon sent message I may not sell on amzon….but I had never sold inauthentic products since reinstated. The customer did not my product detail page with commence. Anyway, it is hard to explain and appeal my plan honestly. Please advise me to reinstate the account or how open new account on amazon.

    Thank you.

  41. It is a great guide. It helped me after they banned me from Amazon to get back selling again using the resources in the Beat Amazon Suspension guide. Much like eBay, PayPal, Amazon is unpredictable, so it is always good to have lots of back-ups selling.

  42. However, Amazon only ban sellers that fail to comply with the strict regulations. Below are some of the most common reasons why Amazon bans sellers;

    Negative Feedback
    Getting negative reviews from buyers is one of the most common reasons why merchants get banned from Amazon. Two or three negative reviews will result to a restriction from Amazon. The purpose behind banning merchants with negative criticisms is to make sure Amazon keeps getting great feedbacks from clients.

    Offering Prohibited Items
    Similar to any other online store, Amazon has denied a few things that ought not to be sold on their website. For instance, selling liquor to a minor is seen as selling prohibited products. An entire rundown of unacceptable products are listed on their site.

    Fake Customer Reviews
    Fake customer reviews is another major reason why a seller can be banned from using Amazon. Most sellers are famous for posting fake reviews on their accounts to enhance their ratings. Such merchants are banned from Amazon immediately after adequate confirmation for posting fake feedbacks is proven.

    Offering Counterfeit Goods
    Amazon dealers offering fake products risk losing their accounts completely. Merchants on this site are required to just offer unique items. Offering fake products will instantly result to a ban.

    Selling Accounts
    Another major reason why sellers are being restricted on Amazon is the buying and selling of accounts. A seller who purchases an account will be banned from Amazon. The policy of Amazon does not permit merchants to purchase or sell accounts.

    Excessive Charge backs
    When a seller gets numerous requests for chargeback, it implies that the service provided is not up to standard. Clients sometimes will only for discount when they are not completely satisfied with your products or services. But, constant discounts will be translated by Amazon as absence of value in sellers’ items and will therefore, issue a ban.

    Very Slow in Communication
    When a seller on Amazon is too slow in his/her correspondence with the customer, Amazon may be compelled to boycott such an account holder to shield the site from negative feedbacks.

    Excessive delay in Shipping
    A merchant is required to be entirely proficient in delivering their items to the customer. Slow delivery disappoints customers and along these lines the notoriety of Amazon is put on stake. To deflect this, Amazon has a rule to boycott accounts holders
    that do delay deliveries.

    There are numerous reasons why Amazon may restrict sellers from its website, however the aforementioned are the most widely recognized reasons that have seen merchants boycotted from this top online store.

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