Amazon Banned Because Of Inauthentic Goods

I started selling on Amazon last year. I purchased goods from different liquidators and also from different outlet centers.


I was able to sell all kinds of branded clothes, branded fashion accessories, you name it. I sold everything I could get my hands on Amazon.

I was doing extremely well and I had very healthy profit margins, until Amazon suspend my account out of the blue, because of inauthentic goods.

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All items I listed on Amazon where 100% authentic and purchased directly from trusted sources. I had a couple of customers who made false claims that my goods were fake. However, the issue is that the customers who had made the inauthentic claims where in reality my competitors. My competitors just tried to get my Amazon seller account suspended so they can increase prices and increase their own profit.

I tried to explain the situation to Amazon several times, and I told them that the two inauthentic good claims I had received were in reality from competitors who tried to shut me down and to get me banned from selling on Amazon.

However, nobody at Amazon wanted to listen to me, and they did not even reply to my emails. I sent Amazon all the invoices for my goods that proved that none of the items I was selling were fake, and I also provided them with a very sophisticated and detailed appeals letter that included a plan of action on how to make sure such claims are genuine, should they occur again in the future. However, Amazon again did not reply to any of the emails I sent to them.

I basically felt like I was treated like dirt, because as soon as you’re labelled as someone who is selling fake goods it’s almost impossible to appeal the suspension. What kind of marketplace is Amazon if they allow competitors to get each other’s accounts suspended? I totally agree with Amazon that they need to enforce the law and protect intellectual property and brand owners, and to make sure that nobody is selling fake products on the platform, but they also need to protect sellers from false claims that their goods are inauthentic.

They need to allow sellers a fair process to appeal their Amazon seller account suspension and they need to ensure that the authentic get claims are not used by different sellers to get rid of their competition. Amazon needs to make sure that its marketplace is a fair place for sellers and buyers, and that each participant in this marketplace is protected. They cannot allow sellers scam other sellers or buyers scam sellers or the other way around. They need to protect each participant in this marketplace.


I’m very frustrated about how Amazon has been dealing with my seller’s suspension case so far and I believe that a multi-billion dollar company should be able to reply to very basic simple emails from its sellers who made a lot of money for them over the years.

If Amazon has suspended your seller account, please leave a comment below to share your story so we can all learn from each other’s cases.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Banned Because Of Inauthentic Goods

  1. Same damn problem selling authentic goods that got flagged as inauthentic, and the account is suspended and now in a rock in a hard place because not even sure what to respond

  2. Dear fellow suspended Amazon sellers,
    I know how it feels to get your account suspended from Amazon. First time I got my Amazon account suspended was in 2008 when I was on holiday in Koh Samui, Thailand. I was in a big shock when my auctions were pulled from Amazon and I received the below email:
    NOTICE: Amazon Registration Suspension

    Dear ***We regret to inform you that your Amazon account has been suspended due to the violation of our site policy below:

    [ATTN SUPPORT REP! insert text here!]

    Due to the Suspension of this account, you are prohibited from using our system in any way, which includes registering under a new account name.

    Please note that any seller fees due to Amazon will immediately become due and payable. Amazon will charge any amounts you have not previously disputed to the billing method currently on file.

    Amazon Inc.

    In this email Amazon advised me that my Amazon account has been suspended, however, the support rep did not even change the text in the pre-written email [ATTN SUPPORT REP! insert text here!] where it should state the policy I was in violation with.
    I have spent thousands of dollars with Amazon every month and that’s how they would treat long-time loyal Amazon seller, just tell them: your Amazon account has been suspended due violation of Amazon site policy…(???)I decided to call the Amazon PowerSeller hot-line, I was still hoping this was some kind of misunderstanding, after I confirmed my identity the Amazon call center agent confirmed my worst nightmare:’…I can not disclose or comment on the specif policy you Amazon account was in violation with..’
    My daily turnover on Amazon was between $1700 – $2000 usd, my sales stopped from one minute to the other.
    I had more than 100,000$ worth of stock in the warehouse to which I outsource to a fulfillment center. My life turned into a real nightmare, I was sitting in this Starbucks coffee shop in Chaweng Beach, on this beautiful Thai island and my nerves were on edge. Amazon did not only destroy my business with my Suspension but also my holiday.
    My first thought was to open a new Amazon account and hope it will work, however, I was not very hopeful, as a friends told me before that once suspended from Amazon you will not be able to get back on again.
    I signed up for a new Amazon account. Everything looked fine, I was able to create and submit auctions on Amazon. Next morning when I turned on my laptop my nightmare continued…
    INV NOTICE: Amazon Registration Suspension- User *** is Linked to a Suspended User

    Dear ***Your Amazon account has been suspended because our records indicate that it is associated with the following currently suspended account:


    ***During Your Suspension***
    – You are not permitted to use Amazon in any way. This includes using another existing account, registering a new account, or using any Amazon services under any name. Accounts or User IDs that are associated with your account may also be suspended.
    – Any outstanding seller fees are due immediately. Amazon will charge any amounts that you have not already disputed to the billing method that is currently on file.


    Amazon Trust & Safety

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