How Amazon Suspended My Seller Account Out Of the Blue

On Friday, July 7th about 10 am, I received a message on my cell phone from my Amazon Seller App telling me that my seller account was suspended.

I freak out because I wasn’t even in California, I was in Mexico taking care of some family issues at that time. I tried to log in into my email account from my cell phone and I couldn’t it stated that I had the wrong password. I got very nervous because at the point I couldn’t do anything to check what was going on either with my Amazon account or my Email. The next day on Saturday, July 8th, I went back to California because I just wanted to check what was going on with my email and my Amazon account from my computer.

I had to reset my email password (email that uses for my Amazon account) in order to access to my Inbox and look at the emails that I received a day before from Amazon regarding my seller account. I noticed that I only had one email from Amazon which title says “” (I attached the email info); also, I had four emails from Amazon with verification codes.

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At first, I thought that Amazon wanted me to change the password of my account since a few weeks ago I received an email from them asking me to be part of the system called two-step verification password in order to protect accounts to be hacked. Anyways, I click on the link and followed all the steps in order to create a new password. I thought by creating a new password as requested they will release my account and I was wrong because nothing happened after that. I called the same Saturday, June 24th to seller support trying to find some answers but they told me that apparently, Amazon wanted me to review/check all my information such as bank account, address, email, phone number etc. for security purposes and we did, the seller support verified all my information and told me to wait 48 hours for the system to reset my account.

Monday, July 12th, I called again the seller support department to ask them the reason for my account being still suspended and they told me that they don’t even know because there’s no messages/information from the seller performance team on my account regarding the reason why my account is still suspended. Other than the initial email that I received from Amazon on Friday, July 21st, I haven’t received any other information. Seller support department recommended me to write a note to the seller performance to ask the reason for my account’s suspension.

I did write a note to them the next day but I haven’t received any email from seller performance team yet, it seems that they’re ignoring my email.

I am really frustrated and disappointed on how Amazon has been treating me after day suspended my account. If your account has been suspended as well please leave a comment below and share your story with us.

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