Amazon has suspended my account because they think that my Ralph Lauren goods are fake

A couple of days ago, Amazon sent an email stating that they are suspending my account due to suspected inauthenticity of the goods I am selling.

I have sent Amazon an email appealing against that decision and I also provided them with original invoices I have received from my suppliers.

It took Amazon 10  business days to reply that email and they basically stated that they will not reinstate my selling privileges. What is really frustrating me is that all those goods I am selling on Amazon are 100% original and sourced directly from different outlet malls.

Dealing with Amazon can be very frustrating because in many cases, the staff dealing with your case are some low pay workers from some back office in India or the Philippines. How can it be that someone who has no real understanding of your case or the reason for the Amazon account suspension is in charge of deciding if your account will be reinstated or not.

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I believe Amazon has the responsibility to give every seller a fair chance by having their cases evaluated by someone who has a real understanding of it. Ideally, Amazon would create a fair appeals process for suspending the sellers overseen by a third-party ombudsman.

At my desperation over having my Amazon appeal denied, I decided to try to open a new Amazon account. It took about 30 minutes after I submitted all my details until my new Amazon account was set under review. I started to feel suspicious about why Amazon decided to review my account so fast after creating it.

Amazon basically stated that this review process would not take more than two business days. Again, Amazon did not fulfill their customer care promise of completing the review within the timeframe set out in that message. It took them almost one week until they got back to me, telling me, basically, that my account has been linked to another suspended Amazon account and, therefore, they’re are not able to reinstate my account.

At this point, I started to get really anxious and worried that I really may not be able to sell on Amazon again. But I am not somebody to give up easily. I believe that sometimes we have to fight until we get what we want and Amazon is definitely not stopping me from carrying out my business, which happened to be 100% legal, neither are they stopping me from earning the money I need to take care, my family.

So, I did a lot of research online to find out a way on how to get back on Amazon. I came across different companies. However, most were charging up to $700 USD. So I was really glad when I found They also offer Amazon suspension appeal services. They seem to be the largest company in that field so they don’t overcharge. They have packages available starting from $199 USD up to $399.

Even though they seem to have a lot of experience, I was still very suspicious. After I provided them with my specific Amazon account suspension circumstances, I received a custom written letter and plan of action to send off to Amazon within 24 hours.

Amazon sent me an email 3 days later confirming that my account has been reinstated. It felt really good to be back in business.

If you had your Amazon account suspended, I definitely would recommend using the Amazon Suspension Consultants from

One thought on “Amazon has suspended my account because they think that my Ralph Lauren goods are fake

  1. There was a mishap with the bad doc with mum’s address and i managed to successfully send the new address to amazon.
    The account has been successfully validated!
    I hope it’s not a one time thing and that it will stay!
    I need advice on how to get my 10000 titles back on sale. Is there an upload schedule you would recommend. I know about the first part: i am going to upload just a dozen items and let a full month run. But i don’t know about the second step. I wish i could upload everything in one month because i need the professional tools to upload so many items and it has a fee of 39€ per month. Once this is over i can switch back to individual plan with manual upload but i won’t need to upload them after it’s done with the pro plan.

    Now : upload a dozen fake items and let a full month run
    Next month : switch up the account to professional plan and uplad the items.
    First week : 2500 items
    Second week : 2500
    Third week : 2500
    Ladt week : 2500
    Next next month : move back to individual plan

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