How Evil Is Amazon?

In 2017 Amazon had a market share of almost 45% on all money spent online in the US.

Amazon virtually owns e-commerce. If your Amazon account has been suspended it will be very difficult to make money online selling physical goods in the US or UK.

An Amazon account suspension means you are locked out of the most important distribution channel online.

The only alternatives are selling on eBay which in many cases does not make any sense as their final value fees eat up all your profit. Alternatively, you could sell on your own website. If you are an SEO genius, and able to rank for your keywords for free you will do fine. The issue here is that most of us need AdWords to drive traffic to our sites; unfortunately, the Keyword costs on AdWords are in many cases way to expensive to make it a profitable.

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The real issue here is that the internet is controlled by a very small group of companies who each have a monopoly in their field.

  • Facebook – Social Networking
  • Google – Search
  • Amazon – E-commerce

Those companies create their own rules on how they treat customers, who they suspend and which content shows up on top.

The Amazon marketplace for sellers is run like some totalitarian regime e.g. North Korea. One little mistake and your Amazon seller account will be suspended for life. In most cases, sellers not even get a warning before their account gets banned.

I totally understand that Amazon needs to make sure that they get rid of sellers who offer poor customers service or selling inauthentic or IP infringes items. Amazon should warn sellers before they ban the account and also suspend the account only for a limited time. Minor first-time violations by Amazon sellers could have their account suspended for example 1 week. Repeat violators
could have their Amazon account banned for a couple of months or even a year.

By suspending seller accounts for life for even for minor violations, Amazon does not give sellers the chance to learn from their mistakes. We are all human beings and sometimes we just make mistakes. By suspending sellers for a limited time Amazon would create a fairer marketplace for sellers and at the end also create a more positive experience for buyers.

How evil is Amazon really?

Amazon has a monopoly on online sales in the US. However, they were lucky to escape the United States antitrust laws. Amazon is treating its sellers like dirt by suspending and banning sellers
without any warnings indefinitely, so to a certain degree Amazon definitely is evil.

Google, Facebook and Amazon all should have their business practices scrutinized and regulated by government agencies to ensure that monopoly powers are not misused.

The public is only slowly waking up and understanding the power those Internet giants have on our daily life’s.

It’s natural for companies who operate with barely any real competition to misuse their monopoly for their own advantage.

Did you had your Amazon account suspended, or did Amazon treat you unfairly? Leave a comment below and share your story with us.


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