Top 6 Reasons Why Amazon Suspends Sellers

If you think your Amazon account suspension is a rare occurrence than you should think again. Amazon suspends hundreds of accounts every month. 

The biggest issue is that  many sellers overlook to pay attention to Amazon rules and policies and end up violating them. In many cases those sellers end up getting their account suspended. Thankfully, there are a number of  things you can do to avoid a suspension on Amazon.

The first steps towards preventing this from happening is by thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the most common reasons why Amazon suspends accounts.

1. Issues with the quality of Products

When a buyer orders for a certain product, he or she is expecting a brand new product and in its original packaging. In case the merchant’s product is found to be not original, is repackaged, has a major functional defect, or is out of date, the merchant’s account can be suspended.

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2. Breaching Amazon Listing Title Rules

When a merchant uploads a product that has a similar ASIN code, Title, description, or picture with another product on Amazon, his or her account can get suspended. Although this cannot cause an account to be Amazon banned, getting suspended will still affect the sales and operation of a merchant greatly.

3. Poor Services

When buyers raise complaints about poor services like their emails not being responded to, it will definitely result in negative feedback that can put a merchant’s account under review. If the rate of this disputes increases, it will affect a merchant’s order defect rate indicators resulting in suspension. This is why it is vital to always reduce conflicts with your buyers and reply to them as fast as possible in case of any disputes.

4. Reviews manipulation

This is one of the newest causes of suspension on Amazon. If a merchant lures buyers to flood his or her listing with positive ratings that are not legitimate, Amazon will definitely treat the reviews as fake. If you do this, you will get a warning from Amazon and your account will be suspended.

5. Listing restricted items

Because of security issues, Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of certain items. There are restricted items in each category and there are some that require certification by some certifying bodies in order to sell them. Amazon expects merchants not to sell the products that are not allowed and provide certification before listing any product that requires certification. Failure to comply may put a merchant’s account at risk of being suspended.

6. Delayed or Wrong Delivery

It is a requirement by Amazon that all sellers should deliver products to their buyers not later than three working days. If a merchant exceeds this period, it is considered as a delayed order. Since Amazon caps delay rate of products at 4 percent, you will eventually get a warning message when you exceed that. If this continues, your account will be suspended.

Conclusion Being one of the best e-commerce platforms for third-party merchants, you need to strictly adhere to Amazon’s policies when using the platform. Hopefully, this article has given you a clear understanding of the most common reasons for account suspension in order to prevent you from running into this problem in the future.


As one of the biggest retailers in the world, Amazon is determined to create an atmosphere of self-regulation and trust. This means that everybody has to do their part in order to maintain integrity.


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